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I’m Melissa! I want to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and why photography is such a passion of mine.

I’ll start by saying in my daily life, I play a lot of roles, seriously, A LOT! I’m a mom to three amazing little kids! Max and Gracelyn are 5 (yep, twins!) and Gianna is almost 2. My husband, Nick, is a workaholic and is a firefighter paramedic for two fire departments. He’s typically gone days at a time (sometimes 60+ hours shifts) so don’t be surprised if your galleries and emails from me come through at 2, 3, or 4am! I’m mommy all day and back to businesswoman by night! Aside from my family, my three greatest loves are Elvis, my Soap Operas, and Photography! Before I go on…Yes I have my hands full, and no, I really don’t sleep – those are the two questions I’m asked ALL THE TIME, so now we have that out of the way!!!!!

My love for the camera started when I was just a kid. Whenever my mom took out her camcorder to make home movies, BAM, I dropped whatever I was doing and began performing! I grew up wanting to be a soap opera actress for as long as I can remember! As much as I loved being in front of the camera, I loved being behind it too! My mom was always yelling at me to stop taking pictures of just anything (afterall, back in those days we had to buy film and pay to get it developed, we couldn’t just erase with a click of a button!) Thank goodness my husband felt differently (as long as the pics weren’t of him!) he’s the one that bought me my first DSLR camera for Christmas, just a couple weeks after our wedding! The amount of buttons and options compared to my simple point and shoot model overwhelmed me. But whenever I set my mind to something, I’m all in! I read the manual from front to back and even enrolled in Nikon School where I took many classes to learn everything I needed to know, or so I thought. The more and more I learned, I realized the most important thing to always remember is that you can never stop learning and you will never know everything! I’ve traveled all over to take classes from some of the very best photographers in the world, I’ve attended multiple conferences, and have worked with fabulous models to perfect my craft!!!

Today, I’m proud to say that I’ve had thousands upon THOUSANDS of fabulous human beings, babies, kids, families, seniors, brides, wedding parties, women, even animals step in front of my lens. I pride myself in taking a more stylized approach to my photography. That means I think things through from start to finish, from head to toe, from foreground to background.

Details are so so so important! For that reason, I work closely with my clients to ensure they look and feel amazing the day of our shoot. For example, in the weeks leading up to our shoot, I love receiving texts of what people plan to wear and what props they plan to bring. From sunglasses to dresses to hairstyles to shoes, I’ll work with you to create the perfect outfit and, as a result, the perfect picture. My goal is to not just be your photographer, but your style advisor and friend!