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When I was engaged, I was on a mission to find the "best deal" for everything! While I got extremely lucky for some things, in the end, I quickly learned that I greatly sacrificed quality, most importantly in my photographer! I was so excited I was getting all this "stuff" included! The day of our wedding, he was quite rude! Here's just ONE example, right before our first dance, a guest spilled red wine allll down the front of my wedding dress, I was so upset!!! We're trying to get it out and the photographer comes over to tell me they're calling me for the dance. My husband says, "don't worry, I'm sure they can photoshop that out." The photographer flatly responds, "Nope, if you booked me directly I would have but you went through "Company Name" so I don't do anything extra. I panic...my husband then says that he's sure he can probably try to get different angles so it doesn't show. The photographer shuts that down saying, "Sorry, you'll get what you get." Long story short....while most of our pictures were nice, we sacrificed the lack of personality and compassion from our photographer in return for a good deal.

I spent much time figuring out where I needed the prices to be at in order to be affordable, what I would consider affordable (and I'm the girl always looking to save a buck!) You don't need to wonder, "Could I have gotten her down to a better deal?" with me, what you see is what you get!

I pride myself in providing high quality work and treating every one of my clients as if I'm doing a photo shoot for my best friend!

Meet Melissa


Melissa Carnaggio


I've been a hobbyist photographer since I was a child! I eventually got the right equipment, took some classes, and started Chicagoland Photography in 2015! My photography business is my second job, my first and foremost full time job is being a mom to my twins Max and Gracelyn! I love taking picture, playing with my kids, watching the Green Bay Packers with my husband, and I'm a huge Elvis fan!

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